About Brush Creek Ranch

The beautiful Brush Creek Ranch, owned by Dr. Lon “Mickey” Keim, is located 18 miles north of Atkinson, Nebraska, and 25 miles northwest of O’Neill, Nebraska. The Ranch is 12,000 acres of rich Nebraska land that is teeming with wildlife, different grass species, rugged and breathtaking terrain.

The Brush Creek Ranch features four different ecosystems, which include the Brush Creek canyons, the Sandhills, sub-irrigated meadows and South Dakota flatlands. The wide varieties of ecosystems provide abundant growing opportunities for very diverse grass species, wildlife, birds and more. In addition to the amazing opportunities for photography, hiking, hunting, camping and more, the Brush Creek Ranch is a full working cattle ranch, running 1,000 cow-calf pairs and more than 600 yearlings.

The Brush Creek Ranch does take in custom cattle for grazing, and is currently planning 2010 contracts, so contact manager Jim Carr if you are interested! The Ranch currently has 116 paddocks that part of Carr's rotational grazing plan for the ranch. There is pipline with 38 tanks across the ranch, and all paddocks have water access either by tank or live water. Herd sizes on the ranch vary widely, highlighting the versitility available on the Brush Creek Ranch. Currently, the smallest ranch herd is 200 head, while the largest is 750 head. Herds consist of either yearlings or cow-calf pairs, ensuring a place for a variety of different cattle grazing options.

Opportunities for recreation abound at the Brush Creek Ranch. You can go from hiking, breathtaking photographic opportunities, hunting, open range and peaceful creeks for trail riding to four-wheeling, bird-watching, geocaching, cattle drives and even swimming in the crisp, cool waters of one of the four creeks running through the ranch – the Brush Creek, Big Sandy, Spring Creek and West Fork of the Brush Creek. If you come for a visit and would like to venture off the ranch, the local area offers plenty of fun activities for folks of all ages. Enjoy amateur rodeos, professional rodeos, nearby casinos, lakes, canoeing on the Niobrara, boating on Missouri river and even Atkinson’s Hay Days and O’Neill’s famous St. Patrick’s Day celebration. There’s a little something for everyone here at the Brush Creek Ranch!

About Dr. Lon “Mickey” Keim

Dr. Keim is a respected physician who practices internal medicine, specializing in pulmonary diseases, in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Keim may be a doctor during the week, but his real passion is ranching. Dr. Keim has been a ranch owner for a number of years, and he is always working at improving the land and ecological diversity. Keim is also an avid Civil War collector, and owns what is thought to be the very first Confederate flag.

Dr. Keim’s dedication to preserving history is evident on the Ranch – each of the cabins is actually a renovated country schoolhouse. Additionally, the Ranch is in the process of renovating a historic depot, complete with two train cars, for eventual event rental.

About Ranch Manager Jim Carr

Ranch manager Jim Carr has had more than 30 years of experience as a successful rancher, and he is also becoming a sought-after expert as a grazing consultant. Jim’s guidance and direction as Chairman of the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition has resulted in a statewide influence toward improving Nebraska grazing lands through the Cowboy Logic Stewardship Program, and multi-species Grazing Project. His input, example and leadership assisted the Coalition in obtaining a $150,000 Environmental Trust Fund Grant that will help build rancher stewardship networks across Nebraska.

Jim has been asked frequently to speak and participate at public conferences and gatherings on range issues. These conferences have reached hundreds of land managers who have been influenced by the Carr Ranch values, and management techniques. Jim Carr’s voluntary participation and leadership has resulted in improved awareness of grazing land conservation through numerous organizations including:
• Society for Range Management
• Nebraska Cattlemen Association
• Nebraska Grazing Conference
• Ranch Management Club
• Natural Resources Conservation Service
• National Grazing Land Coalition Conference (Speaker)
• Nebraska Leafy Spurge Task Force  

Most recently, Carr was selected to be a speaker at the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative's 4th Annual National Conference on Grazing Lands, held in Reno, Nevada in December, 2009. Carr will speak on his unique approach to leafy spurge eradiction. To contact Jim Carr, please email jim@cattle-grazer.com.